BCP Toolkit and Template!

Download a copy of our Business Continuity Plan Template and Guidance designed for non-profit and community-based organizations.

We help motivated organizations plan their response to emergencies and service interruptions. In business, public sector, healthcare, and non-profit organizations, we provide solutions for complex problems.

BENEFITS of our process:

Although we offer any of our services separately, your organization will get the best results from our four-step collaborative planning process. We walk your team step-by-step through the process of creating, testing, and implementing your emergency plans and procedures. With guidance and facilitation, we assist your team in creating an overall program that supports your agency’s mission and meets regulations for emergency preparedness.

Although the outcome of our work is emergency preparedness, the collaborative process enriches your organization, staff, and mission.


  • Your organization meets emergency planning regulations required of your industry.
  • Your staff is ready to use emergency plans and procedures, and emergency preparedness becomes an organization-wide culture.
  • Your organization develops intra- and inter-department collaboration with defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Your organization creates clear, streamlined information-sharing pathways.
  • Your agency’s efficiency improves as we define your mission-critical services and priorities.

If your organization needs custom emergency preparedness solutions, please contact us today.